Typeface: A2Z Faucet
Location: Montreal
Date: 2020/21

Details: A2Z Faucet is a powerful work-horse typeface, packed with stylistic and tilted alternates, standard & discretionary ligatures, circled numbers, case sensitive symbols, and much more. Based on a classic sans-serif, Faucet combines both classic forms as well as rule-bending details. After a full years work, version one is available for purchase. Add some funk to your projects with slanted brackets and titled alternates, Faucet has something for everyone. Not to mention it supports multiple languages, from english to vietnamese.

After evaluating the drawings of your faucet, you may decide to stay with your present manufacturer, or even just repair the faucet you have by swapping out parts or components to fix a leak or improve the fixtures cosmetics.

Faucet replacements and other plumbing tasks usually require a double wrench approach in which you use one wrench to hold a pipe securely and employ a second wrench to tighten or loosen the adjoining fitting.

Others will need a total rehab, but time and money can be put into those areas that get the most use, such as a good quality sink and faucet, while things like the cabinet knobs can be overlooked slightly.

A2Z Faucet
9 Weights

Weight: US$30
Family: US$175

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